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The Campaign Kicks Off

March 28, 2022

Monday, I officially registered to run for South Carolina House of Representatives District 14. I've lived in Laurens County for over 15 years and genuinely love this area. We have beautiful natural scenery, lovely people, and great public spaces to enjoy. What we need is leadership that will serve and provide for all these things, and I believe I'm well qualified to represent the working people of Laurens County. I've cooked for you, worked with you, and I know the struggles of people trying to make it paycheck to paycheck in a labor market that doesn't appreciate your contribution. I'm fortunate enough to be in a position these days where I can live more easily, but I've had to sacrifice so much time away from my family driving a truck in order to get to this point. It didn't use to be necessary to be absent all the time in order to provide a comfortable living, and I'd like to give more people the opportunity to live better. Stay tuned for my policy positions, as I refine my messaging. I appreciate any patience you'll allow me, as this is my first political campaign, and I'm learning as I go.

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