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I’m Daniel Duncan, and I’m running for House District 3. I work with you, and I’ll work FOR you. 

A lifelong progressive, I grew up in the small town of Letona, Arkansas, in a centuries-old country home with my extended family. From my father, I learned how to work hard, sell for a fair price, and help those in need. These working class values shaped my life.

After earning a B.A. in History from Arkansas State University, I tried to move into a “respectable job”. I attempted graduate school, then worked as a long-term substitute teacher, and tried to move into a restaurant management position, all while working overtime at every opportunity. 

Despite those attempts, I just couldn’t shake my working-class roots. When Waffle House offered me a management position, I jumped on it. The higher income came at the expense of being on call 24 hours a day and constantly working early and late shifts.

But those sleepless nights at Waffle House led me to my wife, Theresa Christine Martin. She made me whole, taught me to be assertive at work, and supported my leap into the trucking field, and now, to serve and represent House District 3.

Through my career as a full-time truck driver, I’ve discovered the Upstate’s remarkable beauty- and felt all of our district’s potholes as I drive. The long hours of trucking give me time to contemplate how few working people are represented in government and how I can improve both District 3 and South Carolina.

Let’s send working-class leadership to Washington! Vote Daniel Duncan for House District 3.

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