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Get Out The Vote

Since I don't have a primary opponent, my focus until June 14th is to register voters around Laurens County. I've already started the habit of asking anyone I'm in one-on-one contact if they're registered. The County Elections Office provided me with mail-in voter registration/update forms so I can hand them to anyone that isn't currently a voter.

Lynne West from the County Election Office was very helpful when I filed, and she spoke to the recent Laurens County Democratic Party Meeting. There is quite a bit of concern about House Bill 4919 which passed the SC House unanimously. It mandates 2 weeks of excuse free early voting with multiple sites, and the current system only allows 30 days of in person absentee at the county office. But this mandate doesn't increase funding, which puts the county on the hook for all the extra costs. This bill does allow the local Election Boards to examine the exterior of the mail in ballots two days before the election. This will help make sure mail in votes will be counted on election day, and any votes rejected give the voters an opportunity to remedy the error.

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