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Primary Races

Since I don't have a primary opponent, here are a few races people in my district can vote for and links to their ballotpedia pages (Some of which are still blank). This election will occur Tuesday, June 14. If you intend to vote, check your registration by May13th to be safe.

US Senate


Superintendent of Education

Now, you may not have a preference on these races. They're all Democrats, they're most likely all better than their Republican incumbents. Good news! Since we don't have party registration in South Carolina, you're allowed to vote in your choice of primary on June 14th. You may want to have a say in who the Republican party runs. I personally did so a few years ago so that I could have a meaningful vote for Sherriff. I'm not going to link to any Republicans, though, so if you're interested in who's on that ticket check out .

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