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Why did I decide to run?

I never had political ambition before this year. It didn't seem like something that was available to someone like me, whose first job was at Taco Bell, and most of my employment hasn't been more prestigious. I do think a lot about issues, though, particularly while I wait on freight in my semi truck, or drive up and down the highway. Mainly, my thoughts are along the line of "Things sure could be a lot better, why aren't they?"

I have my own preconceptions, because I've always been a Democrat. I find myself often more liberal than the party, and I don't understand why working class and middle class people don't recognize the benefits of liberal policies. We think bosses shouldn't be allowed to fire someone without cause, or only offer wages that don't pay all your bills. We think that you ought to be able to visit a medical professional when you feel sick, and be able to afford care if it's necessary. We think your medical decisions that don't affect the general public ought to be private. We think that what adults do in the privacy of their home with consenting adults is their own business. Most importantly, we think that wealthy people ought to be investing in the society that allows them to become rich.

Somehow, by appealing to the worst human instincts of tribalism and fear, conservatives have convinced working class people that these ideas are evil. They smuggle in tax breaks for the wealthy, and removal of social programs under the cover of culture war nonsense. Despite having and retaining political power in this state for years, they continue to move further and further to the right wing of politics. Despite this, each election I saw fewer and fewer Democrats on the ballot in Laurens County. When it came time to vote, people could choose the Republican, or nothing. I'm tired of it being that way, so I put my name forward for the only race where I could afford the filing fee. I hope to have your support in November, but if nothing else I'm glad I gave Laurens County a choice.

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